Welcome to Century Electrical Services, a family-owned and operated small business based in Mooresville, NC. We prioritize quality service, repair, and specialty projects, and strive to differentiate ourselves with exceptional customer service, value, and quality of workmanship.

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About Century Electrical Services:

We offer service and repair, installation, upgrades, and specialty projects for both residential and commercial clients. Our core values and approach to business are rooted in our family-oriented mindset. We are always available to respond to your day-to-day service and emergency needs, and we deliver our projects on time and within budget. Our team of experienced specialists is dedicated to maximizing the results and delivering quality workmanship. We believe in transparency and operate with clear and concise communication, so our clients and partners are informed every step of the way. Choose Century Electrical Services and experience the Century difference!

Brian MacDougall, our President, has over 30 years  of experience in the electrical contracting industry. He graduated from Grasso Technical and Vocational High School in Groton, Connecticut, and received his journeyman license in 1998, followed by his master license in 2000. After running an electrical contracting company in Connecticut for eight years, Brian moved to North Carolina to spend more time with his family. Upon observing the shortage of qualified individuals in the area, Brian and his wife decided to launch Century Electrical Services, committed to exceptional customer service and high technical aptitude.

Century Electrical Services represents the culmination of technical aptitude, community involvement, and exceptional customer service, and our goal is to make a positive impact in our community. Brian takes great pride in his work and is committed to reversing the negative stigma surrounding the electrical industry.

Electrical work for the installation of an electrical ceiling port involves the installation, wiring, and mounting of a specialized outlet in the ceiling that allows for easy access to electrical power. This type of electrical work requires specialized knowledge and skills to ensure that the installation is safe and meets electrical code requirements. The first step in installing an electrical ceiling port is to select an appropriate location for the port. This may require careful consideration of the size and layout of the room, as well as any existing electrical wiring or fixtures. Next, the electrical wiring must be installed to power the ceiling port. This may involve running new wiring from the electrical panel to the location of the port, or connecting the port to an existing electrical circuit. All wiring must be installed to meet electrical code requirements, and properly grounded to ensure safe operation. Once the wiring is installed, the electrical ceiling port must be mounted securely to the ceiling. This is typically done using a specialized mounting bracket that is designed to support the weight of the port and reduce vibrations during operation. Finally, the electrical ceiling port must be connected to a control system that allows for safe and convenient operation. This may involve wiring the port to a wall switch or installing a remote control system. Overall, the electrical work involved in installing an electrical ceiling port requires a skilled electrician with experience working with specialized electrical outlets. It is important to ensure that all work is performed safely and meets electrical code requirements to protect against electrical shock and fire hazards. Additionally, special considerations may need to be taken into account due to the location of the port in the ceiling, such as using specialized equipment to safely reach and work on the port.