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Located at 103 W Center Ave in Mooresville, North Carolina, Mooresville Arts Gallery showcases a mix of abstract art, from paintings to sculptures, capturing the essence of the region. You can explore a variety of art forms like jewelry and pottery while supporting local artists. Engage in diverse art classes for all skill levels, enhancing your creativity. The gallery offers free art lectures by experienced instructors, expanding your artistic horizons. Immerse yourself in the vibrant art scene of Mooresville, where community engagement opportunities await. Discover more about our exhibitions, events, and initiatives for a rich artistic experience.

Gallery Location and Hours

Located at 103 W Center Ave in Mooresville, North Carolina, the Mooresville Arts Gallery offers free access to a diverse range of art forms and exhibitions for the community to enjoy. Situated in downtown Mooresville, the gallery’s location near the Lake Norman region makes it a convenient cultural destination for art enthusiasts in the area. The gallery’s address at 103 W Center Ave places it centrally, easily accessible for both locals and visitors.

With operating hours from 12:00 pm to 04:00 pm today, and regular hours on Tuesday through Friday from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm, and Saturday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, the gallery accommodates varied schedules. The venue’s handicap accessibility and free parking further enhance the overall visitor experience, ensuring that patrons can explore the art without any hindrances.

Whether you’re a resident of Mooresville or exploring the Lake Norman region, the Mooresville Arts Gallery’s location and hours make it a welcoming and accessible artistic hub for all.

Current Exhibitions

The current exhibitions at Mooresville Arts Gallery showcase a diverse array of art forms, highlighting the talents of local and regional artists.

The abstract art exhibition on display features a compelling mix of colors, shapes, and textures, providing viewers with a unique visual experience that challenges traditional notions of art.

Scheduled for March, the upcoming photography exhibition promises to be a treat for photography enthusiasts, with a focus on diverse photographic styles that capture moments in distinctive ways.

In June, the Emerging Artists Spotlight will shine a light on up-and-coming talents, giving them a platform to share their creative vision with the community.

Looking ahead to September, the Sculpture Garden Opening will introduce visitors to a stunning collection of unique sculptural works that showcase the creativity and craftsmanship of local artisans.

Regional Artisans Showcase

Highlighting the skill and imagination of local artists, the Regional Artisans Showcase at Mooresville Arts Gallery offers a diverse and captivating display of artistic styles and mediums. This showcase optimizes the talents of regional artisans, providing a platform for them to exhibit and sell their artwork while allowing the community to support and appreciate their creativity. From paintings to sculptures, jewelry to pottery, the showcase features an array of pieces that truly represent the artistic essence of the region.

Artistic Styles Mediums
Paintings Jewelry
Sculptures Pottery
Photography Textile Art
Woodwork Glass Art

Visitors can explore the gallery and indulge in the talent that thrives within the region. Moreover, by purchasing artwork from the showcase, you not only acquire a unique piece but also support the local artisans in their artistic endeavors. So, come and discover the beauty and creativity of regional art at Mooresville Arts Gallery’s Regional Artisans Showcase.

Art Classes and Workshops

Immerse yourself in artistic exploration and skill development through a variety of engaging art classes and workshops at Mooresville Arts Gallery. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced artist hoping to refine your techniques, the gallery offers a range of opportunities to enhance your creativity.

Here are three key aspects of the art classes and workshops at Mooresville Arts Gallery:

1. Diverse Offerings: From weekly drawing classes to monthly watercolor workshops, the gallery provides a diverse selection of classes suitable for all skill levels. Additionally, weekend oil painting intensives, youth art camps in summer, and senior art appreciation seminars cater to a wide range of interests and age groups.

2. Professional Guidance: Led by experienced artists, all classes are guided to help participants improve their artistic skills and explore new techniques. This professional guidance ensures that each participant receives personalized attention and support throughout their artistic journey.

3. Creative Experience: Participants in paint and sip classes not only get to unleash their creativity but also enjoy a social experience with wine and snacks provided. This unique blend of art and socializing adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the creative process.

For more information on the classes and workshops offered, visit the Mooresville Arts Gallery website. These opportunities not only enhance artistic skills but also contribute to an improved quality of life through artistic expression and learning.

Free Art Lectures Schedule

Explore the upcoming schedule of free art lectures at Mooresville Arts Gallery to dive deeper into various topics of visual arts and artistic expression. These lectures are a fantastic opportunity to learn from experienced instructors and guest speakers, enhancing your understanding of the arts. By attending these lectures, you can gain valuable insights and knowledge that can further enrich your appreciation for different artistic forms.

To ensure you don’t miss out on these enlightening sessions, make sure to check the gallery’s website for the most up-to-date schedule. Additionally, contacting the gallery directly can provide you with any last-minute updates or changes to the lecture timetable. By optimizing your access to this information, you can plan ahead and make the most of these free art lectures.

Analyzing website traffic and utilizing cookies can help the gallery understand which lectures are most popular, allowing them to tailor future schedules to meet attendees’ interests. Don’t miss out on this enriching opportunity to expand your artistic horizons at Mooresville Arts Gallery’s free art lectures.

Events and Activities Calendar

Discover a diverse range of engaging events and activities on the calendar at Mooresville Arts Gallery, featuring adult paint & sip fun, art classes for all ages, rotating exhibitions, and workshops aimed at enhancing artistic skills. The gallery’s calendar is meticulously curated to offer visitors a blend of interactive experiences that cater to both seasoned art enthusiasts and beginners looking to explore their creative side. Here are three key aspects of the Events and Activities Calendar at Mooresville Arts Gallery:

1. Adult Paint & Sip Fun: Unleash your inner artist while enjoying a relaxed atmosphere with friends or colleagues during the gallery’s popular paint & sip events.

2. Art Classes for All Ages: From children to seniors, there are diverse art classes available to nurture creativity and provide a platform for artistic expression at every stage of life.

3. Rotating Exhibitions: Immerse yourself in a dynamic display of artistic creations with regularly changing exhibitions that showcase a wide variety of styles and mediums. These exhibitions enrich the cultural landscape of Mooresville and offer a platform for local and regional artists to shine.

Community Support Initiatives

As the Mooresville Arts Gallery continues to foster community engagement through various initiatives, its dedication to supporting local artists and promoting cultural experiences remains a cornerstone of its mission. The gallery’s commitment to community support is evident through its acknowledgment of sponsors who play a vital role in backing community events, arts programs, and local artists. By recognizing the impact of these sponsors, the gallery emphasizes the importance of collaboration in nurturing a vibrant artistic environment.

Community engagement initiatives at Mooresville Arts Gallery go beyond traditional exhibitions. They include art demonstrations, collaborative projects, school outreach programs, and volunteer opportunities, all aimed at involving the community in the artistic process. These initiatives not only bring people together but also create a platform for local artists to showcase their talents and connect with a broader audience. Through these efforts, the gallery enriches the quality of life in the Lake Norman region, fostering a sense of belonging and appreciation for the visual arts while championing the work of local artisans and artists.

Visitor Information and Accessibility

Located in a historic depot in downtown Mooresville, North Carolina, the Mooresville Arts Gallery provides visitors with a handicap accessible venue and free parking. The gallery’s strategic location near the Lake Norman region ensures easy access for both locals and tourists, enhancing its accessibility and visitor traffic.

Here are three key points to consider regarding visitor information and accessibility:

1. Handicap Accessible Venue: The gallery’s commitment to providing a handicap accessible venue ensures that all visitors, regardless of mobility challenges, can enjoy the diverse art exhibitions and events hosted at the facility.

2. Free Parking: Offering free parking to visitors not only adds convenience but also enhances the overall visitor experience, making it simpler for individuals to access the gallery without worrying about parking fees or availability.

3. Enhanced Visitor Experience: By prioritizing accessibility and convenience through features like free parking and handicap accessibility, the Mooresville Arts Gallery underscores its dedication to providing a high-quality experience for all visitors.

Experience Art in Mooresville

Immerse yourself in a vibrant tapestry of artistic expression at the Mooresville Arts Gallery in Mooresville, NC. Situated in the historic Depot in downtown Mooresville, this gallery offers a unique opportunity to delve into the creative pulse of life in the Lake.

The gallery not only showcases a diverse range of art forms from local artists but also provides a platform for community engagement through workshops, classes, and exhibitions.


As you walk through the Mooresville Arts Gallery, each brushstroke and color palette tells a story. Just like a symphony conductor leading an orchestra, the art pieces come together to create a harmonious masterpiece.

Let this gallery be your stage, where you can immerse yourself in the beauty and creativity that surrounds you. Embrace the art, let it speak to your soul, and become a part of the vibrant and inspiring community of art lovers in Mooresville.

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